… “follow your bliss” or “do what you love and success follows.” sounds great, right? except here’s one small detail: you never get to know if it’s ever going to happen. you don’t get to choose if and in what form the success manifests; you don’t get to choose when it arrives.

it’s not as if you say, “okay, universe, i’m ready for my turn! any day now!” for some people it happens immediately; for others they get steady bits of success over time; and for others, they have long, long stretches of nothing over years

if you’re an aspiring author, director, musician, startup founder, these long stretches of nothing are a huge reason why it’s important to pick something personally meaningful, something that you actually love to do. when external rewards and validation are nonexistent; when you suffer through bouts where of jealousy, wondering “how come so-and-so got signed/is successful/got a deal/etc?”; when every new development seems like a kick in the stomach, the love of what you are doing gives you something to hang onto.

much is made of genius and talent, but the foundation of any life where you get to realize your ambitions is simply being able to out-last everyone through the tough, crappy times — whether through sheer determination, a strong support network, or simply a lack of options.

ang lee and the uncertainty of success | jeffjlin.com | via jenbee

[emphasis mine] and certainly timely as i finally share publicly [briefly for now with more details soon], after 7 years in vc - i am moving on. 7 years is a lifetime! my goodness, it’s hard to imagine saying goodbye to a family and a space that has felt like home. thankfully i am doing so armed with an immeasurably strong network and lesson learned along - both have been helping with the what ifs. and there have been many. at the end of this month, i will follow mother nature’s lead - Spring.! forward. keep moving. embrace vulnerability. definitely.

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