i love
when something in my life begs for more
a relationship
a friendship
a job
a hobby
an idea
a book
a conversation
a meal
a movie
but when something takes effort
different from hard work
different from honest hard work
i hit pause
and typically move on
not always easily
lately running is really showing me this
it’s not just way to tone my legs for navy blue bikini season
i mean, of course that’s part of it
but it’s also an exercise in moving
move daily
move faster
or slower
to music
or in spite of winter’s wind
whatever it takes - keep moving
i went from hating it
or not believing that i could
to loving it
and feeling like i should
like i need to
i want to
i’ve always dared to dream
and now im daring to live them
and small
the smiles are daily
the confidence is rooted
and reaching…

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