good morning. reach + extend. | via earlyware: lifeonsundays

good morning. reach + extend. | via earlywarelifeonsundays

we keep libraries in our minds, cataloged by time and organized by moments. we bend corners on the days where the universe cheered for us, moments where our hearts were plump with love and our faith was unshakeable. we have well-worn pages - weathered and soiled with grit and hard work. days comprised of great effort and great reward, moments of rolled up sleeves and unflinching pride. our library contains stories about sadness and grief. on kindness and grace. on forgiveness and humility. the entire collection is what ultimately defines us.

hollygonightly, never not broken  [emphasis mine]

i think about people, people i know and don’t know. the timing often seems odd, disconnected, begs the question “why”. while i don’t know hollyi thought about her last week but couldn’t remember the name of her tumblr. tonight, her words found. a reminder to hold space in our words for others, to allow ourselves to be held between their lines.

i like it here. atrium house | via toniclark: depthandlevity

i like it here. atrium house | via toniclarkdepthandlevity

joy is the kind of feeling a woman has when she lays the words down on paper just so, or hits the notes al punto, right on the head, the first time. whew. unbelievable. it is the kind of feeling a woman has when she finds she is pregnant and wants to be. it is the kind of joy a woman feels when she looks at people she loves enjoying themselves. it is the kind of joy a woman feels when she has done something that she feels dogged about, that she feels intense about, something that took risk, something that made her stretch, best herself, and succeed - maybe gracefully, maybe not, but she did it, created the something, the someone, the art, the battle, the moment, her life. that is a woman’s natural and instinctive state of being.

- clarissa pinkola estés, women who run with the wolvesp223-24

this book, her words - over and over. for the third time this summer. passage via melindahunt [emphasis mine]

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the sun reaching for the ground, colors linger above. this lifts my heart in a way that i searched for all day. sunday.

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nudging this to the top again. found it while listening to the playlist of sorts created by posting a daily or sometimes weekly song here over the past 5 or so years. wow.

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posture + gaze. by vladislav popov | via melisica awelltraveledwoman

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posture + gaze. | via utaupeephe

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good morning. the weekend side of life.

inside the banana, 2012 by adriana lara | via liferuin: mociun

inside the banana, 2012 by adriana lara | via liferuinmociun

everything has already been said and done. but, then, if this is so, why do we need more poems in the world? i once read a jane hirshfield interview where she said something quite wonderful. she essentially said we have to keep writing because it’s every generation’s job to put in the present vernacular poems that are called upon for rites of passage, such as poems read at weddings or funerals. i hadn’t thought of this before. your ordinary citizen should be able to go to the library and find a poem written in the current vernacular, and the responsibility for every generation of writers is to make this possible. we must, then, rewrite everything that has ever been written in the current vernacular, which is really what the evolution of literature is all about. nothing new gets said but the vernacular keeps changing.

mary ruefle | via austinkleon [emphasis mine]

light shapes us. | via queenofdreamersss: erinconsidine

light shapes us. | via queenofdreamerssserinconsidine

you’ll become known for doing what you do. it’s a simple saying, but it’s true…the only way to start being asked to do something you want to do is to start doing that thing on your own.

jonathan harris | via jennaswiss-miss [emphasis mine]
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posture + gaze. | via death-by-elocutionnon—-sequitur